Upgrade Your Living Room With Modern Retro Styling and Live Like a King or Queen!


The phrase “an Englishman’s home is his castle” could relate to any modern consumer who enjoys creating the stylish, personalised interiors that can be such a barricade against the stress and worries of the outside world.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next living room upgrade, then modern retro styling could be the perfect solution.  This style of interior decor encompasses some of the best-known design classics from the 20th century, adding a modern twist to create the welcoming and customised living area that’s personal to you. What’s more, the attics and lofts of parents and grandparents can be the ideal hunting ground for retro furniture treasures that will be eye catching in any modern layout.

What is modern retro styling?

The brilliant thing about modern retro styling is that it has such different meanings to different individuals. Some people consider the Scandinavian design classics of the 1950s and onwards to epitomise this style, while others classify it as Art Deco, or the curvy 60s furnishings and plush, fabrics in vibrant earthy oranges and browns that were so popular in the everyday lifestyles of our grandparents.

The main feature of the move towards modern retro styling in contemporary homes, is the way vintage furnishings and the loud patterned wallpapers of the 70s combine to create harmony (or discord) in modern, open plan spaces. And, the overall impact of the layout and colours you choose will dictate the impression that’s created.

How do I create a modern retro living space?

If you’re wondering how to upgrade your living space to modern retro, then your first task will probably entail sourcing the furniture to suit your home and space. You’ll need to measure the area beforehand, because some of these old-style sofas, sideboards, or three piece suites can be huge! You’ll also want to think about theming the room. For example, if you purely want to showcase the sort of massive, leather sofa found in traditional libraries and reading rooms, it’s important to ensure you’ve got available space before thinking about colour schemes or additional furniture. These beautiful sofas are often found in antiques markets and could be dark brown or tan -toned, and some of their unique 70s decor features include metal or wooden legs.

What about new retro styled furnishings?

That said, Habitat have a range of retro Flyn sofas and chairs on sale, and you can specify your exact design requirements as these products are all made to measure in Italy. Having your furniture made to order can be ideal, as you can opt for the colours and fabrics you prefer, while also retaining the original retro design ethos. You’ll find many of the Habitat collections are based on retro designs, such as Momo, Ida, Rye, and Chester. This makes it easy to shop for contemporary upgrades to retro design styles.

Take the time to browse collections of classic furnishings to find the designs you like from different eras. There’s absolutely nothing to prevent you mashing up an Eames chair or two with some contemporary furniture designs like these retro 60s -style striped armchairs.  Ultimately, creating your “castle” home means stamping your own personality and originality within every room. And, the living room is the space where you spend most of your relaxation and leisure hours.

Buying new furniture for your living room does mean making fairly long term decisions, as you may not invest in major items for a while. Therefore, if you decide to buy new retro styled furniture it will be important to choose the products you can live with, so you may want to reconsider the more extreme space age or funky 60s furniture and opt for something a little safer. If you can find second hand funky furniture or discover long lost retro Egg chairs in your grandma’s attic, then your modern retro style living room could be a really affordable fantasy.  But, very often simply adding vintage prints and frames, and a variety of retro accessories can be enough to style contemporary living spaces.

Adding carpets or rugs with a shag pile finish will be the finishing touch to 70s inspired retro living room layout! While abstract designs add 1960s appeal to any room. Your choice of vintage prints to complete your retro style living space should be based on your personal preferences. However, you won’t go far wrong if you opt for David Hockney, Picasso, or Andy Warhol!


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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this living room modern retro styling ideas! Thanks for sharing am looking forward to upcoming posts! I would want the vintage and modern styles to clash in my living room and create something magnificent and attractive! I also love to have art pieces on the wall since they add a cheerful vibe and warmth to any space. My visitors shall be so sanctified to sit plus visit me in such a beautiful space!

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