Try These Ideas to Refresh Your Bookcase for Spring!


Every living space needs a bookcase, but without a little thought and inspiration, these hard-working furniture essentials can become a little tired. Here are some ideas to make the most of your bookcase and to breathe fresh life into your storage.

Add a coat of paint

If you have a plain MDF or wooden bookshelf, it’s quick and easy to refresh it with a coat of paint or varnish. Choose the current season’s Pantone hot shade, a timeless neutral or something that simply makes your heart sing! A couple of coats of paint and a quiet afternoon are all that you need to revive your unit and to make it look beautiful again.

Go customised

If your current bookshelf looks like an afterthought or isn’t actually meeting your storage needs, then consider a custom-made solution which can be designed to fit your entire available space. Nothing looks more impressive than a full-wall bookshelf, and custom designs are designed to offer a high-end solution that is easy to install. Made to measure, these maximise your living space and provide you with plenty of visually appealing storage at the same time; lifting items off your floor to make your living room footprint look as large as possible. If you fancy a living room design with a high-end wow factor, then this could be a great route to take.

Think about arrangement

The way that you arrange the contents of your book storage also makes a big difference. Consider grouping your favourite titles by colour or size so that they become an art piece in their own right. Arranging books with a theme also makes them easier to find, but a rainbow of colours will make them look like a piece of art. Look at Pinterest for inspiration and see how colour-grouped books look especially spectacular against a white or neutral background.

Try decoupage

Decoupage is the art of adding decorative papers to surfaces using a glue or varnish. It creates a very pretty and customised effect and you can use any type of paper, from foreign language broadsheets through to pretty wrapping papers or specialist decoupage papers or tissues. Use plenty of glue to apply your papers and then several layers of varnish so that the papers look more like a custom paint job. This craft is fun, easy to do and provides stunning results. It’s also a good approach for upcycling and older unit which needs a bit of love, and the materials aren’t expensive to do. If you love being crafty, this is an easy and fun way to decorate a bookshelf.

Upgrade your unit

Why not replace a standard book storage unit with something bespoke? Add doors to create a sleek finish and to hide things that you don’t want to look at. Try incorporating some downlights to illuminate coffee table books. Replace any low-grade handles with some beautiful copper or rose gold handles. Try gilding the edges of the shelves for an eye-catching finish. Or paint a glitter finish design which catches the light. A book storage solution doesn’t need to be boring – have some fun and be creative! Equally, you can create your own unit by linking modules together from a bespoke solution or by fixing  together wall creates, pallets, wine boxes or other storage boxes. Have some fun an see what you can recycle in the process of creating your own bespoke furniture arrangement!

Mix up your storage

Equally, your book storage doesn’t just need to hold books! Mix up the contents so that you have an enticing entertainment unit. Add feature books, vinyl records or prints for visual interest. Use a heavy potted trailing plant as a book end. Add pretty boxes to store small items, such as card games or remote controls. Mix up the contents and focus on making them look good. Remove any clutter so that the finished effect is engaging and intriguing, rather than an overcrowded mess! If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a book or an item in your storage unit, take it out, put it in a ‘check’ box for three months, and if you’ve forgotten about it in that time, it can safely be put into deep storage or taken to the charity shop!

Which bookcase ideas are you tempted to try to refresh your living room interior for the season ahead?


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