Top 10 Stylish Living-Room Layout Ideas


There is nothing as rewarding for homeowners as crafting a well-designed modern living room that’s suitable for entertaining loved ones and enjoying family time. Your living room layout sets the style and tone for your entire home’s décor.

Plus, if you are a design enthusiast, it’s the ideal space to test your favorite trends, whether it’s opting for made to measure furniture and sideboard ideas, maximalist art, or even bold metallic wall paint.

The following ten living room examples and layout schemes are guaranteed to spark ideas for your home.


1. Making Grays Pop


Grey is a favored neutral. Warm, cool, light, or dark, you can find a grey that suits any taste. Decide whether you want a dark and dramatic grey living room décor or light and airy, then look for furnishings and paint in varying tones of the same shades. Pastels are best for light greys, and bold accents make darker shades pop. All greys can benefit from hints of metallic.

2. Go All White

If colors are not your taste, then an all-white living room décor is the best option for you. This design aesthetic has crisp, clean, and effortless fresh white interiors that will never go out of style. You can finish your white living room arrangement with a striking sideboard, wall art, or a splash of green foliage.

3. Chic and Minimalist

Clean, sharp lines of modern accessories and furniture characterize this modern living room design that uses a less-is-more design mentality. A black and white scheme typifies this style, and a subtle splash of accent color highlights its sleek sophistication.

4. Rustic Living Room

Rustic living room decor ideas are relaxed havens that offer you escape from the modern world outside. They are simple and charming, reminiscent of English country homes filled with traditional but cozy fabrics such as tartans and chunky knits. For a light and airy take on this country style living room, you can add different sideboard for living room ideas to finish the look.

Rustic living room

5. The Floral Living Room

While not everyone is a fan of florals, this living room décor is a top choice for those who are. There are many hues to pick from (think soft pastel, dark, or moody florals) that ensure your living room remains fresh all year round, not just for spring and summer.

6. Industrial Living Room

The industrial living room décor is laidback and undeniably appealing. Here, think exposed raw materials such as brick, wood, or concrete softened with plump cushions, sofas, and textured rugs. You can also opt for tan leather sofas to complement the exposed brick wall and add a dash of vibrant color to the otherwise sharp black lines.

7. The Boho Chic Layout

Do you identify with the bohemian lifestyle? Boho chic is an enduring style that is fun, eclectic, and creative. Its styling design and characteristic are as varied as your creativity allows, but you can generally use soft textures, soothing color palettes, on-trend macramé details, and a hammock chair.

8. Japanese Style

Japanese style is all about clean and uncluttered living, which holds tightly to order, balance, a love for natural beauty and ancient customs. Here, add elements of nature such as traditional Japanese plants like bamboo or bonsai, expansive windows or doors, sliding doors or screens, add wooden elements such as made to measure furniture, and make use of open spaces and natural lighting.

9. Built-in Sideboard

A sideboard can function in several ways in your living room. You can set your flat screen TV on top and hide other electronic equipment within, arrange it back-to-back with a couch in an open-plan space, or place it under a painting or hanging mirror to create a stylish vignette.

10. Open Plan Space

Smart styling and decorating ideas keep open-plan spaces looking separate but seamless. Here, use different textures to create distinct areas; go green indoors by adding houseplants; define areas using sideboards, platforms, and partitions; use bold patterns and prints to zone spaces; let in natural light; section off your living area with careful placement of furniture; and use a corner sofa for a cozy feel.

The living room is perhaps the best place to showcase your styling and design aesthetic by experimenting with different color palettes, layers of patterns and texture, and various furniture layouts, such as using sideboard styling ideas. Your living room layout should be comfortable, stylish, and inviting.


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  1. I find this post to be fantastic and amazing living room ideas. What I love about this information is that it gives some of the best and simple living room designs that are hard to pop in someone’s mind. Each style is unique and exceptional. I, however, love the Boho-chic layout and the Japanese style. These two describe precisely how I love my living space. I am currently living in a home with antique finishes. So I don’t know if I can incorporate either of the design or do I have first to remodel my house.

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