Top 10 Creative Bookcase Styling Ideas


Looking for fresh design and style ideas to upgrade your bookshelf? So are we! Our love for books means bookcases are now an integral part of many home. But sometimes, you need to add some spice to your shelf to blend more with your interior decor. Here are 10 bookshelf ideas to bring out the spark in your literary collection.

Light it Up!

Do you struggle to find your favourite novel at night? Your book shelf might need an illuminating update. Whether you have a built-in bookcase or a generic case, adding some lighting can change the aura of your books and the home decor. An excellent solution is to install brass picture lights at the top of the shelf. You can also use LED lights in different parts of the enclosure. For a dramatic effect, use contrasting bulbs, especially those that produce a different light from the main luminaire in the room. Not only will this make your shelf unique, that part of the home will have a different feel.

Bring out the Architect in You

Have you ever thought of a Gothic-styled bookcase idea? We think that would be a great addition to a contemporary house. Regardless of your favourite period of design, inspiration to revamp your bookcase’s look can come from architectural concepts from now and the past. You only need a little creativity and the will to make it happen. Adding a few arches at the top or styled porticos at the edges can transform your old book shelf into an artistic masterpiece.

Add Some Life

If you love indoor plants or aquarium fish, you can infuse some life into your dependable bookcase. A little pot of flower here and a glass of pouting goldfish can make all the difference. Arrange them strategically at different parts of the shelf, taking care to pair them with contrasting colours or books about nature, animals or plant life.


You may not even change anything to upgrade your bookshelf decor. You know how there is so much space on your desk when you finally get yourself to clear house? The same applies to your bookcase. In some cases, the book shelf may also serve as a pantry, a key holder, makeup stand, and even the kid’s toy box. Clearing clutter and arranging books can make a lot of difference. Try it!

Living Room Storage

Are you looking for innovative living room storage ideas? You can make your bookcase the focal point of your home and use it to upgrade your living room design. Whether you set it against a wall, build it into a large shelf or as a support for your furniture, a bookcase can hold far more than literary works. So long as you have the space, your bookcase can extend to every part of your living space. A little research will open the gates of inspiration. What are you waiting for?

Get Tylko’s Made to Measure Bookcase

Sometimes, your home needs a unique made to measure furniture to make it complete. Tylko creates bookcases that blend perfectly with your home’s styling, decor, and ambience. If you have any ideas about rearranging your bookcase but lack the skill to bring it to life, they are always ready to help. Whether you want modular bookcases, simple designs or out-of-the-world behemoths, they make custom bookshelves that are a perfect fit for your home.

Upgrade Your Decor

Even if your significant pair does all the thinking about interior decor, we assure you it’s easy to come up with simple but effective ideas to decorate a bookshelf. All it takes is a picture here, a trinket there and some overhead light to bring everything into focus. And you have a great bookcase worthy of the memories immortalised on those pages.

Do a Remodelling

You can repurpose an old shelf into a new, functional, and aesthetically appealing bookcase. One way to style a bookshelf is to raise it with antique-styled legs to change its look and function. You can also repaint it, change the position, and so much more!

Display Your Collections

A great way to jazz up your bookcase is to showcase your collections on it. Do you have some souvenir from a tropical island? Or a rare series of bedtime storybooks from your childhood? Organise them carefully on your bookcase to deliver a lasting impression.

Add Humour

Guest naturally gravitate toward a bookcase. Why not add a funny picture or quote to light up their day? A simple way to achieve this is to place the humorous material beside one that delivers a frank message. Watch their expression change.


One thought on “Top 10 Creative Bookcase Styling Ideas

  1. Hello, I am Julia from Adelaide, and I find the ideas to be creative and distinct. Personally, I have been having the same bookcase design for the past ten or so years 😛 I am thinking of repurposing it and incorporating some of the above ideas, but I don’t know the cost I am going to incur. I also love the idea of adding some life to the bookshelf. Since I am not a big fan of plants, I think I am going to opt for an aquarium. I am hoping that it is the best option.

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