Tips For Planning Your Perfect Bedroom Layout


Creating the perfect home takes dedication, time, and probably a good deal of rejigging and redecoration over the months and years ahead. If you’re moving to a new home or considering upgrading the bedroom in your existing home, the following bedroom ideas and layout tips are sure to prove useful, and perhaps even inspirational.

Ideas for planning your new bedroom layout

You don’t need to be an interior design expert to plan out any bedroom in your home, and you certainly won’t have to call in professional help. It’s vital to consider your overarching design aims, though. And, this is the case for any interior design and layout planning carried out around the home.

Most adults spend at least one-third of the time in bed or relaxing in the bedroom, so this room should be reflective of your own personality and decorative preferences. If you’re single, you can go as wild, wacky, or whimsical as you like when planning and decorating your bedroom. Although couples may need to tone down some of their bedroom fantasies in order to maintain harmonious relations! For example, lots of younger women hold precious memories of their “princess” styling and status, but creating a frothy, pink and white “girly” layout in the bedroom shared with their loved one may stretch any partner to the very limits!

Modern consumers tend to ignore some of the more old-fashioned and traditional decorating and colour styles and trends. And this is fantastic. After all, what conventions actually stipulate that ceilings should always be white or bedrooms are only for sleeping in? This is particularly true for apartment dwellers or city residents, where homes and rooms are often smaller. Creating the perfect bedroom design that can also be used as a den, yoga retreat, or even work space can be one way to maximise the space in smaller homes, however, it will mean you need to consider colour schemes, furniture and layouts with even more care.

Bedroom designs for older children and teens also need lots of design consideration, as kids of these ages often spend the majority of their home life in their room.  The same comments should be kept in mind when planning a layout for a younger child’s room, nursery, or guest bedroom, which should all be styled to suit the needs of the individuals that will be sleeping in them.

Feng shui layouts have become increasingly popular with modern consumers, as it’s said they can create harmony and promote heightened relaxation and calmness. There are lots of ways to incorporate feng shui within the bedroom design and you’ll find loads of sample layouts and images online. Some of the layout rules include rounded furnishings with no sharp edges, calming or inspirational works of art, use of fragrance and aroma to create ambiance, solid headboards for beds, lots of open space, and correct positioning for beds, curtains, pillows, and cushions.

Best colours for bedrooms

As already suggested, modern layouts often push the boundaries when it comes to colour in any room. One top tip to bear in mind is that you will need to spend lots of time in your bedroom, so ideally choices of colour, pattern, and texture should enable relaxation. That said, everybody has their own views on what is relaxing, some people may prefer vibrant zig zags, psychedelic, purple and pink flowers, or stark black on all walls. Ultimately, this is your bedroom, so the colours and patterns chosen should suit your own tastes. What’s more, one of the most important design trends that’s been seen in the past few years is that individuality is paramount.

Of course, following the season’s colour trends is one way to create a fashionable, stylish layout in the bedroom, but this often will not stand the test of time and will need constant upgrading. That’s fine if you only need to slap paint on a few walls, but when you need to continually change wallpaper and heavy items of furniture to keep up with the latest fashions, you may find you’re fighting a losing battle!

Furniture tips for bedrooms

No matter what size or shape your bedroom happens to be, you’re always well advised to opt for durable, good quality furniture that will stand the test of time. A comfortable bed with a good mattress, modern chest of drawers, and wardrobe or garment rail may be all that’s needed in smaller rooms or bedrooms with awkward angles. Modern shelving layouts often feature drawers, display space, and cupboards, and can be installed along entire walls to create a fitted look that can be upgraded and styled at any time in the future.

These bedroom ideas really only scratch the surface when it comes to design and layout planning. You’ll discover lots more information online and in some of the popular home styling magazines; but most of the fun of planning and creating your room layouts is the opportunities you get to display your own creativity and artistic abilities.

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  1. The bedroom is one my favourite places at home. A gallery of photographs or art inside the bedroom makes is so peaceful and calm for me. However I love how you spoke everything about the furniture ideas for the bedroom and I guess they will be perfect for me to try out. I’m super thrilled! I will recommend this wonderful post to my colleagues at work 🙂

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