Sleek, Modern and Classy: 10 Ways to Style a Beige Living Room


Opting for a set colour scheme when designing a living room is a great idea, not only does it create a sense of cohesion in the space but it also makes choices that much simpler. Choosing a beige colour scheme for a living space is a great way to create a space that looks clean and clear while still providing a sense of warmth.

Start with the walls

When coming up with beige living room ideas you may want to start small. Take a look at the walls in the living space, if they are not white it might be a good idea to look for an attractive neutral or beige shaded paint. This immediately brightens up the room and pulls it into line with your sense of style.

Use the shade on the floor

Depending on budget, you may want to update your flooring to match the colour scheme of the room. Naturally Oak offers a range of oak hardwood floors in a delightful creamy tone. However, it is also possible to find a number of different floor treatments in the exact shade of beige that you like. You could opt for tile or carpet, but if you do go for the latter, it is important to keep it clean.

Layered textures on the floor

Even if you are not ready to change your floor treatments, a beige colour scheme can be extended to this expansive surface with ease. Look for beige floor rugs in a shaggy texture for a centrepiece in the room. These are particularly striking when placed over a dark hardwood.

Decorate your windows

Most windows need a little extra love to bring them into line with your beige living room ideas. Use multiple treatments for your windows, white shutters, light muslin curtains and a heavier cream-coloured drape in linen create a striking effect that adds to the sense of luxury in the living room.

Choose your furniture carefully

The furniture used in a living room may just tie the entire room together. When creating a beige living space, look for oversized couches in shades of cream or beige. Pair these with whitewashed coffee tables, bookcases and sideboards. These are durable and practical without forming a contrast in the space.

Frame the space

A few well-placed pieces of art make all of the difference when creating a living space in this colour scheme. The art itself does not necessarily have to be in shades of cream, however, it is essential that the frames adhere to this colour family. These frames add to the overall effect of the room while still showing a touch of individuality in the space.

Play with throws and pillows

If you are running out of beige living room ideas then head straight to your local home store and visit the pillow and throw section. Look for oversized knit throws in white, cream or beige. Pair this with throw pillows in a combination of silk, faux fur and velvet. These textures all work well together and accentuate the warm and welcoming appearance of the living room. Place these items on your couch and get ready to sink into luxury.

Add a few natural elements to the room

Although striking, cream and beige coloured fabrics may become rather monotonous when used in excess. To avoid this, look for a natural fibre rug for the living room. These are neutral enough to fit into the design of the room, however, they provide enough of a contrast to draw the eye through the same. Another outstanding idea involves the use of plants in your space. These add a sense of life and depth to any space.

Include pops of colour

It may be tempting to only use beige tones in the living room but this could result in a boring space. Instead, look for small elements to include in the room that bring in a little colour. Add a small rose gold scatter pillow to your couch or choose a set of aqua prints to hang on the wall.

Use lighting wisely

Natural lighting looks best when reflected on cream and beige textures in the living room. However, not all homes are lucky enough to enjoy large amounts of sunlight throughout the year. In these cases, it is a great idea to combine standing lights, fairy lights and table lamps with a single ceiling lamp. When installing the new light features in the living room, remember to add warm white light bulbs to create a romantic atmosphere.


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  1. It is so fascinating to read about all your ideas especially employing throws and pillows as an easy means to a style element to your residence. My brother and her wife want to recreate their house and introduce a beige living room to make it more attractive. I will have to inform them about this blog to assist them attain their new look.

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