Six Pouf Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home


Poufs are versatile and comfortable pieces of furniture with multiple functions that include seating, footrest, or side table use. They are available in different geometric shapes, materials, textures, and levels of rigidity. They are versatile pieces for your home that add comfort, seating, style, and even colour.

Poufs vs. Ottomans

People usually confuse poufs and ottomans because they almost have similar uses and generally look alike. However, despite the similarities, these two pieces of furniture are structurally different. Unlike the ottoman, a pouf has no legs or structure, and is, therefore, only made of stuffing and textiles.

Although their uses can overlap (i.e., seating), the two pieces of furniture are designed for different purposes. For instance, you can use an ottoman in the place of a coffee table but not a pouf.

Incorporating Poufs into Your Interior Design

Poufs offer highly practical design ideas for your home. They are versatile and can fit into any room. They can also blend in seamlessly, stand out if need be, and complement your design in any space you wish. Below are six pouf ideas to use in your interior décor.

1. The Five Pouf

The Five Pouf from Anderssen & Voll is a versatile and easy to use furniture piece that offers comfort and style. It has a pentagon shape and delicate linear detailing with contrasting curved edges. The Five Pouf comes in four colours, and you can use it for extra seating or decorate unused spaces.

2. Moroccan Pouf

If you want something uniquely different for your home, consider the Moroccan Poufs by Ikram Design. The company designs the Pouf pieces with a modern Moroccan look and with a variety of colours. Ikram offers both stuffed and unstuffed poufs. It uses filing fibre stuffing to ensure the poufs maintain a sturdy and firm shape over time. You can buy several pieces of different colours and scatter them around your living room or kids’ playroom and turn the space into a work of art.

3. Resin Urban Knit Pouf

For durable pouf options, consider the Keter Urban Knit Pouf from Keter Plastics. These poufs are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Keter makes them out of durable, all-weather, and rust-proof polypropylene resin. The poufs come as a set of two and a coordinating table with hidden storage space. They are also lightweight and have a compact design, which makes them ideal to fit anywhere. They come in cream and harvest brown colours.

4. Bohemian Unstuffed Leather Pouf

The Maisonmarrakech handmade leather pouf and footstool is a great Moroccan furniture piece to include in your indoor design for a bohemian look. It comes in numerous exciting colours, such as black, lilac, tan brown, orange, green, white, and silver. It is a handmade pouf with beautiful embroidery and 100% high-quality leather. Since the pouf comes unstuffed, you can fill it with anything, including unused blankets and clothes, giving you a great choice of weight.

5. A Neutral-Coloured Knitted Pouf

Ashley Furniture Homestore features a neutral-coloured pouf, knitted in a bulky yarn that looks casual and cosy. The texture of the pouf adds interest to the furniture piece. Ashley designed the pouf with a handmade, textured aesthetic. It is stuffed with dense polystyrene filling with zipper closure to offer support and allow cleaning.

6. IKEA Jularp Pouffe

For the countryside or farm décor, get the IKEA Jularp Pouffe. IKEA makes the cube-shaped pouf out of patchwork cowhide. Because of the variations of the pouf’s pattern, each piece is unique. You can use it as a seat, sofa extension, stool, or side table. It is lightweight and easy to lift and move. Because it contains cowhide, you should not wash, iron, dry clean, or vacuum clean it. Instead, clean with mild detergent and a damp cloth.

The Bottom Line

A pouf is a flexible furniture item primarily seen as a playful type of stuffed or cushioned seating commonly found in lounge places, playrooms, living rooms, and schools. Similar to ottomans but without the legs or structure, poufs usually are used as casual cushioned seats that complement other furniture pieces in a room such as loveseats and sofas.

Poufs are comfortable and flexible multi-purpose furniture pieces used in lounge spaces, living rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms. They come in different styles, designs, and shapes.


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  1. The living room is a place where we use up time with our beloved ones. Equally in the house, there are so countless important things such as furniture, structure, ceilings and walls. I like the way you have explained the pouf ideas to spruce up your home in this post since they are all budget friendly as it is a fantastic idea to beatify your home without devoid of spending lots of cash.

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