Picture-Perfect Bedroom Ideas That Provoke Romance


Romantic bedroom ideas are not just for Valentine’s Getaways. They must be enjoyed every day by lovers and other family members. With the best hacks and tips, you can infuse a bedroom with a romantic feel. So, how do you set the right mood? Well, it is all about the smallest details, so no need to overthink. Whether you want to spice up your love life or simply looking for decorative elements to invite a lovely mood, the following suggestions will work for you.

1. Romance Factor on Windows

How you treat the windows can determine the tone of your sweet resting place. By boosting the romance factor of the curtains, the entire room feels like a luxurious getaway. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is the use of sheer panels which are inherently flattering. They not only soften harsh sunrays but also look gorgeous when matched with block-out curtains draping on the floor. Let the heavy curtains run long to add a bit of puddle on the floor.

2. The Pink Detail

Invoke a Valentine spirit with pink sheets. You may try lighter shades, peaches, and even reds. Whether your master bedroom has a definitive colour palette or you want to swap the old colours, pretty pink detail can bring a cosy charm that might be missing.

3. Emoji Heart Pillow

The heart is a popular emoji we use when texting and baking. It is the ultimate sign of love. It looks great when used on a bed to express the affection and appreciation for a loved one. Heart pillows are sold everywhere as gifts and are also easy to make. Choose a hot colour such as red, gold, or pink.

4. Ornate Chandelier

There is a vintage detail that comes with a custom chandelier. It may be minimal but its impact is big when used as an overhead centrepiece. Bedroom chandeliers add an atmosphere that is normally reserved for the living rooms. But it is good to shed light on an intimate space. Antique glass chandeliers with retro colours blend perfectly with shabby chic design style. Whereas, one with barrel shade light should be used to complement the fabric in use. For a trendy bedroom silhouette, funky and whimsical light would do.

5. Candles Everywhere

Scattered candles make any bedroom feel like one of those on magazine covers or love novels. LED-lit candles create a warm glow while the old school standby candles give flickering light; both of which exude romance. Even the battery-operated flameless candles can turn the space into a lover’s den. These are especially convenient because they don’t come with the burden of blowing them out.

6. Wall

What do you do with the large empty space above the headboard? How about stepping up the wall décor a higher notch? Consider a warm tone such as orange, yellow, or red depending on your personal taste. Coloured walls are spicy and they act as backdrops for couples sharing the bedroom.

7. Garland

A wreath of flowers on an exposed beam or headboard brings nostalgia into an intimate space. Fern garland on a white background creates a snow-like ambience. It is okay to drape the headboard with flowers to give it a holiday treatment. To add on to the sparkle, twinkling lights and pinecones may be incorporated into the ensemble. Even the dresser tops and nightstands should be covered with rose petals.

8. Dark-Coloured Lampshades

Bright light should be reserved for hallways and living rooms. In most cases, homeowners prefer cool lighting in the bedrooms. What a dark shade does is bring the lighting down and up, not out. A romantic aura is thus created by muting the brightness of the bulbs.

9. Moroccan Lanterns

They have an exotic flair when used in the bedroom. An air of mysticism and mystery fills the room when a Moroccan lantern is in a corner. Cute and intricate, it generates subtle glow that cast spectacular shadows across the area. A sexier setting can be achieved by placing a few lighting fixtures to compete with the Moroccan lantern.

10. Lush Linens

A bed covered with lush linen has a pampering essence. Some of the best fabrics that exude romanticism include silk, satin, and velvet. They are ideal complements for throw blankets and comforters. The room looks more inviting when fluffy throw pillows are on display.

11. Bed Canopy

An enveloped bed is a comfortable nest. This can be created by suspending tulle or organza from the ceiling to drape over the bed. A hula hoop canopy with sheer panels is more magical. Plus, it can block out the lights or muffle sounds if made of a thicker fabric.


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  1. Love this post. I have been postponing styling the master bedroom for so long. I wanted to make some modest curtains. However I did lastly begin and I purchased some flowers to put at several places in the room. You have awesome ideas and I will categorically be doing so ASAP!!! The tips here are a checklist I must look over regularly to help keep it an exceptional place.

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