Inspiring Studio Apartment Layout Ideas That Work


Just because your studio flat is compact, it doesn’t mean it can’t feel spacious and open. There are plenty of creative ways to utilise the space for a more functional interior. To get the most out of the limited space, the layout of the studio flat must contain multi-purpose furniture, smart storage solutions and clutter-free corners. Turning a modest space into an inviting and practical home need not be a challenge thanks to the following studio flat layout ideas:

Maximise the space

To make the living room/bedroom area optically larger and brighter, it is best to consider adopting the Japanese interior style of living. By adding light grey colour to the walls and floor, a contemporary and multi-functional space can be achieved. This works in contrast with black countertops in the kitchen (masculine element). And for a more feminine touch, use floral colours for the coffee table, mirror, and the wallpaper.

Use minimalist chairs or sofa

Putting a comfortable and minimalist chair next to the bed will separate the sleeping area from the living space. Tip: add a sofa with storage instead of a chair. You can store away all your extra duvets, towels, and pillows underneath the sofa’s storage unit.

Divide the space into two

When you live in an apartment for one but don’t want to feel as though you’re living in a hotel room, the simplest trick is to divide the space into two. This can be done by placing the couch on the opposite wall of the bed. By rearranging the furniture this way, you’ll also have extra space at the foot of the bed.

Create a private sleeping area

Living in a studio flat means the occupant will be looking at their bed most of the time. To change the view, consider placing a bookshelf near the bed. Another idea is to put a console table behind the sofa to define the living room from the kitchen as well as to provide extra storage. Console tables are ideal for small spaces and serve as both storage and kitchen countertop. If the studio lacks counter space, the console table can also double as an island in the kitchen.

The open layout

To create flow inside the small apartment, the layout is one of the most important aspects to make the space feel open, light and airy, and uncluttered. A functional layout in a studio flat is great for people who like to invite guests over often. Instead of a coffee table, use a bench as extra seating for when you have guests.    To achieve an open layout for your studio, keep the furniture as close to the walls as possible in order to maximise the open space. The breakfast bar in the kitchen can separate the eating area from the rest of the space.

Some final considerations

Remember to place the sofa as close to the wall opposite the TV where the electric sockets are. For floor covering on laminate, use light grey rugs to accentuate the furniture. If the studio floor is covered with carpet throughout, consider terracotta tiles for the kitchen space to separate this room from the living area.

Since studio apartments are compact, it’s best to keep the walls in neutral colours throughout. But when it comes to the bathroom or kitchen area, you can be a little more adventurous and choose brighter colours for the flooring and the walls.

The next tip is to pay attention to the lighting levels. If the studio flat lacks natural light, make sure you position the furniture as close to the windows as possible. For example, sitting under a window that has net curtains will provide you with natural light without having to sacrifice your privacy.

And finally, the key to studio living is knowing how to be organised in a compact space. A sofa bed or futon is the perfect space-saving option, especially if it can be disguised behind another piece of furniture. Storage shelves can also be used for maximising space and providing privacy by hiding the bedroom area. Separating the sleeping and living space is highly important for peace of mind and personal wellbeing as it takes away the feeling of hotel-like living.


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  1. Thanks for the apartment layout designs! I like the manner you create room for everything, you persuaded me now that in the end there is no requirement to purchase a huge expensive home. I am entirely enthused with your effort and want to implement all the ideas. I shall also maximize the stowage and purge fittings to fit contentedly into a tiny space. Keep sharing the great work and inspiring many.

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