How to Plan the Best Home Office Layout in 7 Steps


Planning your home office layout is something that may not bother you until it is too late. Papers can easily stack up or scatter around. The problem comes in when you start losing important files and documents. That’s when it dawns on you that you should have learnt how to organize your home office sooner. Setting up a proper layout for your home office is not easy but it’s possible. Here is a 7-step plan to improve your home office design.

1. Opt for an Adjustable Desk

Do you work for long hours at home due to a demanding job? Or might you be a workaholic? Confining yourself to a typical desk for extended periods can be detrimental to your back. A sit-to-stand desk is one of the best home office ideas that facilitates a broad range of sitting and standing postures. You can avoid many health problems by creating a schedule for stretching your muscles. With a height-adjustable mechanism, you can break up the monotony of sitting down all day long. As far as the placement of the desk goes, there are a number of options to choose from. Find a position that works best for you. To avoid distractions, have it facing the wall. But avoid your back to the entrance.

 2. Get a Desk Chair That Allows for Movement

A desk chair is designed to move around a workstation. Before you buy one, make sure your home office has enough room so you can make the most of it. Depending on the design, a desk chair can move back and forth or side to side while giving you ample knee space.  This allows you to reach items like a chest of drawers, desktops, and shelves in a well-defined space.

3. Maximize Space by Eliminating Clutter

A working space is more productive without clutter. Don’t wait for the paper to pile up on the desk because it will eventually take up your valuable space. Every day, peruse through the materials to see what needs filing, shredding, or tossing away. Ensure that the important documents are placed in a filing system. Remember that a messy desk is a stressful point that can drain your energy. Tidy things up so you can easily locate what you need when you need it. You can organise paperclips, markers, pens and staples in a dedicated office tool or cup. Be sure to put things into the right categories e.g. stamps and envelopes inside a mail drawer.

4. Modern Storage

If you are concerned about your productivity when working from home, you cannot overlook storage at the office. Modern furniture is designed to meet today’s work lifestyle. Do you have the right office furniture to accommodate your workflow? You need filling cabinets and proper shelving systems. Determine what should be placed next to your desk depending on your job demands. Your most recent work should be within an arm’s reach while the filing system should be close at hand. Find a special place to keep reference books and catalogues so you can access them when needed. To organize your books, consider a bespoke bookcase that matches your home décor.

5. Take Control of Technology

Some of the things that make a home office look untidy include loose cables all over the floor and others hanging for the desk. The good news is you can tame all of them in a few steps. You can replace wired systems with wireless models such as computer mouse, routers and printers. If there are any visible wires, attach them to the desk’s underside. A cord tamer also comes in handy in organizing loose cables.

6. Have an Extra Seat

Does your home office have an upholstered couch? Where do your visitors or clients relax as they wait for you? A sofa pulled alongside the desk creates a seamless working space. As the visitors rest on the couch, they can use your bureau as a side table for placing drinks.

7. Glam up Home Office with Decor

Decorative elements always provide motivation which you actually need to avoid a boring home environment. So, consider adding some paintings, posters and wall decals. Hang items that will inspire you to work e.g. family pictures and nature images. If possible, go green to bring life to the office.

Owing to advanced technology in the communication and information sector, a home office has become an essential part of working. Most people working from home need at least one computer, file storage system, and maybe a printer. Often, you will need some privacy to work from home. Feel inspired by the above 7 tips to enhance your home office layout.


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  1. Thanks so much for the tips on an adjustable desk and clutter elimination and keeping what you will need to have more space and look neat no matter the volume of stuff you possess! About a month ago, I came to a conclusion that I will need a home office for a new job! I am quite eager to be able to have a home office. I shall have to look into diverse organisation arrangements that will assist me keep stuff clean and get what I require effortlessly. Great post!

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