How to Master the Ultimate Bohemian Style Interior Design


Boho style consists of bright and patterned elements that are known for their uniqueness. In fact, the word Bohemian is often associated with unconventional people who are involved in the world of arts.  Bohemian style interior design is also considered to be unconventional with lots of visually interesting features and a distinctive beauty. It is often associated with Moroccan interiors because of its bright colours and patterns. But the question is, how can you create a Bohemian style home effortlessly without coming across as OTT?

What is Bohemian style?

To truly understand the concept of Boho style, it’s important to learn a little about its origin. The word La Boheme in French means gypsy.  But nowadays, the expression is mainly used for describing the lifestyle of artists from the 19th century who like enjoying unique lifestyles. Boho style is very similar to shabby chic since there are no specific rules to follow when decorating a home in Bohemian style.  Having said that, all Boho style interior design concepts consist of bright colours. Rather than just sticking to the conventional metallic shades, it’s best to incorporate gold, dark red, and light brown colours into your Boho style décor. To get even more ideas on how to achieve the ultimate Boho style interior design, take a look at the following tips:

Add plants to all the rooms

Bohemian style goes hand in hand with botanicals. Indoor plants are not only affordable but they are also easy to care for and create a relaxing vibe in any room of the house. What’s more, indoor plants purify the air while adding colour to the rest of the room furnishings. Tip: use hanging plants as an excellent Bohemian option. You can get creative with metal hanging baskets that reflect personality.

Add pattern

Colourful patterns are the easiest methods of mastering Boho style while bringing out the character of the room. Whether it’s patterned rugs, brightly coloured cushions, or sofa covers, the idea here is to use as many different patterns as possible. It’s also wise to experiment with mixing and matching various themes, shapes, and styles for the ultimately lush Bohemian flair. Just make sure you keep a consistent colour combination throughout the rooms for balance and harmony.

Use Bohemian colours

Using Bohemian colours for decorating a home is just as important as the patterns you choose. Earthy colours, such as gold, intense orange, light brown, and electric blue are some of the most commonly used Boho colours. To go one step further, you might want to choose even bolder and brighter colours for the bedrooms.

Bohemian furniture is a must

Boho furniture is low lying so the closer you are to the floor, the more authentic the Bohemian style home will look. Couches with low backs together with plenty of comfortable cushions all around them work well. And for extra seating, place a bean bag or two close to the sofa.

If you prefer floor seating rather than low-lying sofas, be sure to use a comfortable sheepskin rug topped with different cushion sizes. The best way to find Boho style furniture is by scouring through flea markets and antique shops. You’re bound to find second-hand furniture that will perfectly complement your Bohemian style interior design. Be sure to fill your home with lots of Boho style fixtures and fittings to achieve the desired look. Tip: pair the unique and rustic furniture items with soft lighting to create a cosy ambience.

Don’t forget to fill up the room with keepsakes 

The next step in interior decoration is choosing the right accessories. This is especially important when you’re decorating a room in Boho style. Just like the unique furniture, the accessories should also tell a story. In this case, you may opt for mismatched bottles, ornaments, and clay pots that represent a nomadic lifestyle. After all, the gypsies were known to have travelled a lot and always displayed the items they had collected from different destinations in their homes. If you haven’t travelled as extensively as those gypsies and can’t find such trinkets to decorate your rooms with, simply buy African wall décor to achieve the same look. The idea is to go bold with unusual artistic pieces.


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