Hallway Decorating Ideas That Showcase Your Home


The hallway is one of the most important places in your home! Welcoming you back at the end of the day and making a visual impact on your visitors, it sets the tone for the style and decor of the rest of your house. Large or small, minimalist or lavish, taking some time out to think about the colours, design and finish of your hallway will ensure it works for you. Then, plan your hallway arrangement so it provides invaluable extra storage for everything from your shoe collection housed in a custom-built shoe rack to your favourite books displayed on stylish hallway furniture.

Just as every home is different, the possibilities for hallway arrangements are endless. It should look and function in a way that suits the needs of you and your family. Get the look just right by following our decorating ideas and hallway storage tips.

1. Play with colour

Playing with colour is fun! Cool neutrals enhance the feeling of space in small hallways while mix and match tones on walls, woodwork and floors can work in larger areas. Choose colour tones that complement each other and you can get away by throwing in as many patterns as you like or add depth to small hallways with bold splashes of darker colours against lighter shades. We particularly like dark woody greens set against paler mossy tones. Or, why not colour block walls in different shades of bright blues or greens and throw in a touch of red around a door frame? Definitely eye-catching.

2. Add a bold accent feature

If hallway colours are simple and sophisticated, shake everything up with a bold accent feature. Stylish runners in geometric patterns are perfect for bringing narrow hallways together or where there is space add a colourful table topped with bright bowls or baskets for hallway essentials. If a hallway is light and airy, it can take a striking wallpaper on one wall. Think vintage-inspired designs or bold modern stripes. If your stairs are uncarpeted, painting the risers to complement the hallway decor makes a striking impact when the front door opens.

3. Statement flooring

Geometric floor tiles create an illusion of space. Black and white tiles are striking in large areas while tonal shades add depth to small spaces. If a colour scheme is neutral, bring it alive with tiles in primary shades. Particularly striking, are patchwork tiles. These look just as good in contemporary homes as they do in period houses.

4. Remember the inside of your front door

A stylish front door adds visual impact from the outside but don’t neglect its appearance from the inside. Paint it in a contrasting colour to the rest of the decor, or use it as part of your tonal scheme. Deep red and dark blue shades work well in large hallways while subtle pastels make small hallways instantly larger.

5. Mirror illusions

Stuck for ideas for a hallway wall? Turn it into a mirror! Not only does this add height and depth to small hallways, you know you’ll always look great when you leave the house. If this is too much, then group an arrangement of simple modern mirrors together on one wall or visit antique shops for mirrors in lavish frames that will become a talking point.

6. A hallway gallery

One of the easiest ways to add impact and colour to a neutral hallway is with art. Create a gallery wall with a theme – family photos, holiday snapshots, or movie prints. Use your hallway shelving to show off unusual mementoes of your travels. Lead the eye into your home, by continuing the gallery up the stairs.

7. Light the way

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, choose light fittings with a wow factor such as modern or traditional chandeliers. Where ceilings are low and good light is needed, recess spotlights into the ceiling or pick wall fittings that direct light exactly where you want it.

8. Hallway furniture from book to shoe storage

A hallway is the perfect space for bringing extra storage into your home whether it’s space for your books or a shoe shelf so footwear is close to hand when it’s time to head out. Look for attractive and sustainable wall storage that sits neatly against walls or under the stairs or pick a custom shoe rack that holds your shoe collection without tripping you up or taking too much space.


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  1. Aren’t all these hallway decoration tips genius? They have really inspired me to capitalize on my hallway and I hope I will be able to do just that! I will not let the hall go to waste anymore. I will employ these hallway decoration tips to offer it a transformation! In spite of everything, it is a place that I walk through numerous times a day, and hence it should be gorgeous.

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