Decorating Your Home for Christmas: Simple Tips for Welcoming Interiors


Decorating your home for Christmas is a great way to lift your mood and illustrate your personal style; no matter whether you live in an open plan apartment or larger imposing residence. Although the hectic festive season may be a round of shopping, partying, and social events, taking time to create the most welcoming home environment can pay dividends.

Whether your home is constantly alive with kids and family, or you live alone, these simple tips for effective interior Christmas decor help you create the most eye-catching layouts in the speediest possible amount of time:

Colours and themes

Popular magazines and department stores are a great source of inspiration for themed Christmas decor. If you’re planning to make over the entire house or simply decorate your living space, take time to browse all the latest trends in the lead up to the holidays.

Adding a festive touch to bedrooms and bathrooms, could just involve strategic placement of greenery and berries. While kids’ bedrooms can be decorated in pale pastels, to create a perfectly seasonal palette that is easy on the eye. Blush pinks and the softest rose gold tones can be an ideal Christmas theme colour for bedrooms and living spaces, and use of  complementary tones for dinnerware and glasses adds a sophisticated touch to any home.

Once you’ve decided on the colours and themes to use for Christmas, hitting the shops will be far easier and take much less time.

John Lewis always pull out the stops when it comes to creating fashionable interiors over this season of celebrations. With a variety of different themes each year, some of their most popular Christmas decor for 2019 included:

  1. In your face neon lighting, rather than traditional, twinkly Christmas lights
  2. ABC alphabet themes for family Christmas tree decorations
  3. Sanctuary pinks and blushes tones to enhance bathrooms, dining rooms, living spaces, and bathrooms, with toning tree decorations, festive wrapping papers, and tinsels to create the most effective pastel Christmas to delight any visitors to the home
  4. Garden Retreat, complete with bauble decorations featuring wildlife and flowers. This look involves adding green decor on top of a green base, such as Christmas trees and shrub cuttings. It’s a peaceful, calming theme that will creating a relaxing ambiance within any room. Combining this look with twig and foliage decorations adds a spectacular twist to any festive rooms in the home.

Aroma and scent

Another top tip for decorating your home over the Christmas season is to arouse the senses with subtle aromas. Whether adding boughs of fir and pine to your internal decor, or simply burning incense, the aromas of Christmas are just as important when it comes to creating a welcoming environment. Cloves are one of the evocative scents of Christmas, and creating your own cloves pomander is a simple matter. You can combine a clove scented orange in with your fireplace or bookshelf displays, and just need to pierce the skin and flesh of the orange, then stud the fruit with cloves. The delicious aroma of oranges and cloves will diffuse throughout the home to add even more richness and warmth.

Less actually is more!

Mixing various colours and themes in your home is one way to create a mish mash of influences that actually detract from the impression. It is certainly true to say that using less can actually provide a better overall visitor impression when it comes to Christmas decorations.

You can create a cosy and intimate festive look in a small space by making a twig tree decoration and omitting the Christmas tree altogether. Natural twigs and branches have a unique shape, while artificial trees, in particular, can look very fake. You could also opt for a ceramic, musical tree miniature, rather than a traditional fir. Instead, use candles, fresh flowers, and greenery to create the festive appearance to delight your friends.

Finally, sacrificing the classical, tasteful appearance of your home doesn’t need to be an  essential feature of Christmas interior decor. What you need to keep at the forefront of your conscious mind is the style you want and ensure you don’t go overboard. The colours used in your festive decor should complement existing tones and patterns in rooms. And, if you’re decorating the entire home, follow the same or a similar theme, so that guests and family aren’t bombarded with too much decorative detail. Remember, it’s the warmth and love you generate that creates your home, not the things within it!


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  1. Holiday decorations are a tradition from both my wife’s and my side that we have passed on to our children. The Christmas ideas on this post are all awesome and I totally agree with the tips especially on the themes and colours. This is going to make somebody’s Christmas much happier. So many of your beautiful decorating ideas are now part of my Christmas decor.

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