Adapting Sustainable Flair in Interior Design


Interior design is now shifting focus to more eco-friendly alternatives that look good in space without posing a threat to the environment. Any space can achieve the desired aesthetic affordably and with minimal waste by using sustainable interior design materials. They include:


There are many ways to use cork in spaces, including flooring solutions, on walls, as accessories and more. Cork is found from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is sustainable as removing the bark does not harm the tree, and over time, the bark will replenish itself. The appearance of cork on boards, floors, or accessories brings a natural feel to space and breaks the monotony of everyday materials.


It is a commonly used choice in interior design and among some of the affordable choices available in the market. Bamboo grows fast, which means it will always be available and is easy to replace. The flexibility of bamboo makes it versatile and can be used to make various items, including furniture, planters and more. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Natural Textiles

There are many sustainable textile fabrics such as linen and wool that can transform any space. They are sustainable because they are textiles whose production is continuous and minimizes waste compared to synthetic textiles. Sustainable textiles have uses all over space, including bedding, curtain, rugs, blankets, pillow covers and more. You can do so much with these fabrics, and the best part is they are easily accessible.

Real Plants

It does not get any more natural than this. Real plants make a lot of difference in space and can be functional in all settings; homes, offices, business premises, indoors and outdoors. Natural plants compel people to actively nurture the plants, which is an advantage to the environment. It minimizes the use of artificial plants, which eventually becomes unnecessary waste. Many low maintenance indoor plants can beautifully elevate a room, and it does not take a professional to make a difference using natural plants to decorate.

Recycled Plastic

Several companies have now ventured into recycling plastic and compressing them to form panels. The panels have various uses, with some of the most famous are table or countertops and partitioning. It is an excellent way to save the environment and an affordable way to achieve beautiful interiors. The best part is that it is almost impossible to tell what the panels are made of at a glance. With the proper customization, most of them look natural and hence suitable for most spaces.

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