A Guide to Styling a Sideboard


Sideboards are a key feature of every home. It is where we store dinnerware and other things. But these storage units are also interior décor and have potential to transform a neglected look into a sophisticated finish to a space.

They are versatile and allows vast type of styles that you can use to transform, polish and compliment your style simply and easily, that being said here are tips and tricks for styling your sideboard;


Sideboards are just great for placing things, be it colourful books, tall lamps or indoor plants. A normal sideboard will come in at fourteen to eighteen inches deep, making it perfect for small Entryways, hallways or even foyers.

For entryways, Start with a large piece of an art and place it slightly off-centre of your sideboard, then to the left layer in a medium piece of art leaning in front of the big piece. On the right of the big piece add a lump to bring in some light, now bring in your colourful books to the opposite side to balance out the vignette.


In theme, you want to unify or pattern your sideboard with home interiors. You want it to perfectly mix with the surrounding. For example in the dining room you may want a lush and tropical theme to go with your stylish sideboard. 

Start with a big piece of art like a picture and hang on the wall slightly above the sideboard, add two smaller pieces to the left of the large piece of art to create a gallery grouping, to the right of the big picture bring in a vessel with a plant for some life. Now on the opposite side bring in a grouping of books and finally add one or two items like a geo crystal. Make sure your sideboard matches the room.


Style your sideboard to be both elegant and stylish and use it daily. For example, it could be a storage for your favourite wines and spirit. It is also an opportunity to show off your vintage wine bottles. Combine function with elegance by creating gallery grouping on the wall on top of your sideboard, also pay attention to matching themes and frames while assembling them.


The secret is to create three focal points on your sideboard, it should be balanced and stylish and bring a sense of elegance in larger rooms, it is also responsible for the enhanced space in smaller rooms such as kitchens or small dining rooms. Patterns or pictures on the wall with an area mat can enhance symmetry in a non-symmetrical room to make them feel tidier and bigger.

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