8 Modern Furniture Ideas To Instantly Refresh Your Living Space


Modern interiors are often associated with cold, detached designs, lacking signs of life and emotion. Fans of contemporary design will be the first to tell you that this isn’t true. Modern living room designs can be chic, stylish, and welcoming, and lack the clutter or frills that come with traditional aesthetics. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled our top 8 modern furniture picks to refresh your living space in a flash.

1. Modern Lighting

You don’t need us to tell you how important lighting is when designing your living space. Carefully chosen living room lighting can instantly add warmth and ambience to a modern space that otherwise risks feeling stark or cold. Overhead modern lighting is often minimalist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with conceptual floor and wall lighting. Check out this black Hume Metal Floor Lamp from Habitat, sculpted for impact with two adjustable heads.

2. The New-Age Armchair

When you think of modern design, the last thing to come to mind is an armchair. Armchairs are seen as classical and old-fashioned, and are normally associated with traditional aesthetics. This doesn’t have to be the case- the humble armchair has been given a revamp, and today there are plenty of contemporary-design armchairs that will fit right into any modern living space. Look out for unusual shapes and unconventional designs when shopping. We’re a fan of this sleek swivel armchair from AllModern, which can handily double as a comfortable office chair when working from home.

3. Minimalist Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are often dull, but they don’t have to be. The best modern storage solutions are multi-purpose- a handy way to stash your stuff, while still looking chic and stylish. Don’t be afraid to look for fun, quirky pieces- contemporary storage solutions don’t always have to be cube-shaped! If you’re searching for a unique storage unit that draws the eye, check out this bizarre cow-shaped shelving from bespoke Italian furniture designers Seletti.

4. Contemporary Sofas

If you’re looking for a modern-style sofa to refresh your living space, look for clean lines, neutral colour schemes, and functional design. It’s important to balance comfort with aesthetic when it comes to sofas, which we think this stunning charcoal grey design from Houzz achieves perfectly .

5. Bold Prints

While colour schemes in modern living rooms are often shades of neutral, it’s easy to add pops of colour to your space with fun living room accessories, and it’s very affordable too. Look out for bold-print cushions, rugs with fun designs, or wall decorations with clean geometric patterns. When using patterns in small doses, the more vibrant they, the better the overall effect will be. While bright colours are often the go-to choice, bold black and white designs are often just as effective at drawing the eye. Take a look at this modern black and white striped floor rug from Habitat, which makes a nice focal point for any living space.

6. Sleek Leather

It’s important to pick the right materials for your living room to create the modern aesthetic you’re looking for. Black leather can often seem harsh and cold, but there’s plenty of ways to make leather fit seamlessly into your modern living room. Try out brown or deep red colour leathers for a warmer feel. Leather sofas are an easy way to introduce leather into your living space, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try out a leather ottoman, like this sleek little number from IKEA.

7. Customisable Furniture

The furniture you choose for your living space should suit your needs perfectly- if it isn’t useful, then it isn’t worth taking up space. Today, there’s no need to settle for furniture that is ‘almost right’- plenty of products now come with customisable features to adapt to your living space, such as shelving units with movable parts. We love this customisable bookcase from Wayfair, which features handy adjustable shelves you can tailor any way you please.

8. Multi-Purpose Minimalism

Regardless of the size of your home, furniture that serves multiple purposes is a handy way to save space and money when designing your living room. The classic multi-purpose products are ottomans that double as storage containers, and sofas which can be transformed into sleeping areas for last-minute overnight guests. If you’re looking for a more modern take on multi-purpose furniture, check out Aleph furniture. The Korean-based brand is designs furniture for people who live in small spaces, and want to avoid clutter.


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  1. I love this blog so much since it spoke straight to me plus my current home state of affairs! I do not like the way my studio apartment looks plus with each passing year I don’t wish to invest since this is not our permanent residence! Thank you so much for such helpful furniture tips! I might employ some of these ideas for my living room. I use up lots of time inside it and I get effortlessly tired of the style.

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