10 Rustic Living Room Ideas To Add More Charm To A Home


One of the most popular interior styles is the very romantic and charming rustic style that brings lots of warmth and character to a home. There are various ways you can enhance the charm of your rustic living room, from furniture and fixtures to flooring and lights. Here are 10 interesting rustic living room ideas that are sure to bring out the charm in your home.

 1. Choose the Right Furniture

White and black coffee tables complement rustic living rooms, especially if they are accompanied by light-colour rugs and standing lamps. For rustic living rooms, modern and traditional can be mixed together by introducing upholstered sofas and cushions in scattering patterns. It’s also possible to accessorise the room with ethnic African-style vases and large serving platters or other similar fixtures.

 2. Combine the Old with the New

Give your country-style living room a touch of modernity without losing its character by flooring the room with varnished oak and using exposed brick walls. Silver lamps beside the sofas together with a geometric coffee table in white and black will achieve the classic and contemporary look you’re after.

 3. Use Fifty or More Shades of Grey

Did you know the human eyes can recognise more than 500 shades of grey? Filling up the living room with all things grey will perfectly complement any black and white fixtures or fittings you already have. If, for example, the main wall is of exposed brick, why not add a few abstracts in mink colour to it. Additionally, the TV cabinet can be in charcoal and the cushions in ash grey. And don’t forget the flower vase in shadow grey for the finishing touch.

 4. Lots of Wood is Good

No rustic living room is complete without wood as its main feature. Exposed wooden beams instantly add character to a room. They can also be used to frame doorways, fireplaces, and walls. Natural wood doesn’t just look beautiful, but it also adds a rugged character to the room that increases its aesthetic appeal. Wood can be incorporated into furniture, flooring, walls, and ceilings, so it’s a must for every country home.

 5. The Traditional Stone Fireplace

Another classic rustic living room idea is a stone fireplace for a romantic and cosy feel. These types of fireplaces create a natural and rugged look. They also serve as a focal point in the living room, especially when accompanied with an iron-wrought chandelier or lantern-style pendant lights.

 6. Industrial Meets Rustic

While rustic living rooms are often blended with a cottage-style interior, they can be mixed with industrial elements as well. This can be achieved by introducing darker colours for a more urban look plus using materials like metal and wood. Exposed pipes and wooden beams in black are perfect examples of industrial-rustic living rooms.

 7. Organise Plenty of Seating

The best way to warmly welcome your guests is by providing them with plenty of seating. Rustic living rooms must have ample seating so that guests can have the option of sitting close to the open fire, TV, or the coffee table. Try to arrange the sofas as close to these areas as possible.

8.   Pay Attention to Room Colour

As living rooms are a place for family and friends gathering, it’s important to address the colour by following the 60-30-10 rule. For example, 60% of the room must consist of a dominant colour, 30% of texture, and the remaining 10% should be an accent. Follow this interior decoration rule for a more harmonious and stylish living room.

 9.   Opt for Natural Elements

Weathered stone and wood are the perfect complement to a country-style living room. These natural elements, especially when they are handcrafted and of earthy colours, are unpretentious and provide a rustic look to the living room. These natural elements shouldn’t be limited to fireplaces, flooring and beams. They can also be incorporated into furniture and walls.

10.  Fill Up the Room with Accessories

A rustic living room must feel warm and welcoming. To achieve this, add lots of accessories, from rugs, throws, cushions, table lamps to accent tables, mirrors, artwork, floral arrangements, and books. This is also the perfect opportunity to add colour and texture to your country-style living room.


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  1. When I saw ‘’Rustic Living Room Ideas’’ in the title of the post, I discerned I would like it. I am intending to refurbish my living room too plus this inspired me to style it with a contemporary rustic theme. I have for long admired a rustic, yet fashionable great room plus hope to reinvent the feel of it inside my own living room. I am; nevertheless, even more lured by the mention of the ‘’Shades of Grey’’.

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