10 Reader-Friendly Ideas for a Cosy Reading Nook


Although a reading  space is not an essential part of your study or living room it is an addition that you won’t regret. Not only is it an excellent place to catch up on your reading but it also acts as a little sanctuary in your home where you can retreat to for a short nap or meditation session.

Take advantage of natural light

Before you start planning your nook for reading, take a look at what you have available to you. The chances are high that you have a sunny spot somewhere in your home. This is the ideal location for your reading area. Not only does it help to create a welcoming area, but natural light is best for reading as it doesn’t cause excessive eye strain.

Create privacy with shelves

If your reading space is in a central location in your home, you probably don’t have large amounts of privacy. Fortunately, this is easily rectified by a few simple reading corner ideas. Place your bookcase right next to your seat to create a shield from the rest of the room. This way you aren’t interrupting the flow of the room, but you aren’t the centre of attention when you escape to your reading area.

Choose oversized seating

Nothing looks as luxurious as a large armchair. It invites you to sit back and relax as you lose yourself in your favourite book. However, the biggest benefit of a large chair is the aesthetic it provides to your nook. These kinds of seats are commonly used in traditional library design and add the same feeling to any reading corner.

Arrange your shelves for convenience

When you make your way to your reading nook you don’t want to struggle in finding the things that you need. When placing items on your bookcase be sure to keep essential items at the same level as your seating. Keep a tray with a pen, notepad and decanter to create a classic look and remember to keep the book titles you still need to read on this shelf as well.

Play with lighting

Although natural writing is best for a reading space, you won’t be able to take advantage of this once the sunsets. To create the perfect amount of light to read by, you may need to combine a number of different lighting features. Hang and overhead light and accessorise your shelves with table lamps and fairy lights for the perfect romantic lighting.

Ditch your chairs

Large chairs are an excellent idea for your reading area if you have large amounts of space, however, they are bulky and may cause your home to look cluttered. If this applies to you, you may want to consider using a series of floor chairs instead. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they create a delightful boho aesthetic.

Use paint wisely

The easiest reading corner ideas involve a little paint. To distinguish your reading area from the rest of your home, add a few coats of paint to the walls surrounding your shelves. In addition to creating a divide from the rest of the room, a brightly coloured paint also livens up the area and brings in more light.

Stick to warm colours

To create the perfect warm and welcoming space for reading, you should stick to a warm and bright colour scheme. Paint your walls in an orange-toned beige and include a variety of pillows, throw blankets and storage baskets in shades of red, yellow, brown and cream. Be sure to use this throughout the entire space and break up the monotony with a few golden frames.

Use alternative seating

Add a touch of fun and whimsy to your reading area by including a seating option that no one would expect to find in a serious space. If your reading area is nestled between two walls you could hang a hammock that is stacked with all of the scatter pillows you could possibly find. Alternatively, you could create a comfortable space with a children’s trampoline. Cover the trampoline with a warm throw and pillows to create an interesting seating arrangement.

Show your personality

The whole idea behind a reading corner is to create a space where you can find refuge. For this reason, it is the ideal space to display all of the trinkets and knick-knacks that mean something to you. Use your shelves as a home for all of the special items in your life and give visitors a glimpse of who you really are.


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  1. Wow! Really great reader-friendly Ideas for a cosy reading nook. I think a comfortable and stylish reading nook motivates somebody’s reading and you feel relaxed reading quality time. Thank you for sharing these ideas I particularly agree with privacy with shelves point. However, I love each and every cosy nook idea here; it would be difficult to simply choose one. And with lots of colours it is irresistible to like such a room.

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